About Us

We are a small group of ordinary citizens that came together with the shared interest of encouraging the Dutch Government to take urgent action on the climate crisis at the scale it demands. Inspired by the Green New Deal plans in the US and UK, we are now championing this concept for the Netherlands and collaborating with a variety of civil society groups and experts to develop a similar plan tailored to this country’s unique potential.
We are currently convening working groups on the different parts of a possible Green New Deal for the Netherlands. If you would like to join us, support our work in some way or have any suggestions please do send us an email: info@greennewdealnl.org

Our Mission

To create and promote a concrete, environmentally ambitious, socially equitable and constructive action plan for the Netherlands that can leverage sufficient public funding and resources to tackle the climate emergency and create a fair society for everyone. 

Who are we?

Green New Deal Netherlands consists of a Coordinating Team and an Advisory Team. 

Julia Tom (Founder GND-NL, Coordinating Team)

Chinese-American, and since 2013, proud holder of a Dutch passport. A member of the Concertgebouw Orchestra’s cello section, she saw the American Sunrise Movement bringing together a coalition of politicians, activists, and community groups in America around a Green New Deal, and thought that such a movement might be an American export to be proud of! Julia is mother to a four-year old son, Max, and dreams that her efforts might help him to see coral reefs still when he grows up.

Iris Cheng (Coordinating Team)

Iris has a wealth of research, communications and campaigning expertise. She is currently the Research Manager for Strategic Communications at the European Climate Foundation. Previously she worked as a research consultant, and a campaigner at Greenpeace International and Amnesty International. Iris has been working on climate and energy issues for over a decade and is keen to apply her skills and knowledge for a Green New Deal in the Netherlands where she has lived for several years.

Lisa Rose (Coordinating Team)

Lisa is an environmental campaigner with expertise in political strategy and public mobilisation. Lisa has been living in the Netherlands for over 10 years having moved here to work for Greenpeace International. She later spent 6 years as a Senior Global Campaigner at the global advocacy organisation Avaaz, where she ran campaigns on issues including climate change and biodiversity. Recently she was the Environmental Campaigns Manager for Patagonia (Europe).

Enrico Rikker (Coordinating Team)

Enrico is a retired flight engineer. Like many people, he worries about the future and is happy to support Green New Deal NL with fundraising, logistics and communications. 

Daniëlle  Hirsch (Advisory Team)

Daniëlle Hirsch is the Executive Director of Both ENDS, a Dutch NGO that works with civil society organisations in the Global South to help bring their voices and concerns to the attention of policymakers and the corporate world on local, national, and international levels. She studied Economics at the UvA, specialising in environmental, development, regional, and international economics. She has worked and studied in Kenya, Mexico and Paraguay. Daniëlle has expertise in the field of international financial flows, water and climate and is keen to contribute to finding a way of development that benefits the Netherlands while respecting the boundaries of nature and provides better livelihoods for everyone.

Susan Cohen Jehoram (Co-founder GND-NL, Advisory Team)

Susan has worked in government, politics and NGOs and is driven by the urge to make change. She studied Human Geography and Political Sciences and is motivated to start a Green New Deal in the Netherlands, having seen the devastating effects of climate change in India and the Sahel, where climate change is already happening and affecting the most vulnerable people most seriously. She believes we have to reinvent government and take public responsibility to make the change necessary to combat climate change

Josephine Kuipers (Advisory Team) 

Originally from Rotterdam, she graduated in Fashion Management. She specialized throughout her studies in writing about the fashion industry in relation to the climate crisis and worker oppression. Currently she is a member of activist movements Students for Climate and Extinction Rebellion.